यस्ता छन् विश्वका १० वटा उत्कृष्ट साइकलहरु ! (फोटो फिचर)

The history of the cycle in the world has been long. Due to the crowd, expensive vehicles, pollution the cycle is being the center of attraction. According to the research in America it has been told that the cycle is lighter, safe and it is most useful so the use of the cycle has been increased more. According to the change in time the design and feature of the cycle is also changed. Here is the 10 superior cycles that is mentioned in the BBC.

1. Bsg wood.b duomatic, France costing about 4 million 45 thousand rupees.2 bb

2.Pashley Parabike , UK, cost about 95 thousand rupees.3 bb

3. Vanmoof s series, Netherlands, costing about 1 million 10 thousand rupees.4 bb

4. Donky Bike, UK, cost about 87 thousand rupees.4 bbb

5. Viks steel urban cycle Estonia the price would be based on its manufacture specialty.

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