ड्राइभिङ लाइसेन्समा यति ठुलो ब्रहलुट, यसरी बाहिरियो भित्रि लुटको रहस्य भिडियो सहित

यातायातमा महानिर्देशकको चलखेल: सर्वसाधारण लुटिदै, माफिया फस्टाउँदै हेर्नुहोस

For the general population living in the remote parts of northern Gorkha, it is simpler to achieve Tibetan market than the area central command. That is the reason they enthusiastically sit tight for the outskirt to open once per year so they can import nourishment things in mass that would get the job done for a few months.

As far back as the exchange course to Tibet through Ngula Pass opened from August 25, local people of northern Gorkha have been buying supplies of nourishments, including salt, sugar, ghee and rice from the Tibetan market. A long line of local people can be watched going through the course as far back as the exchange course opened. Lho, Prok, Chempakar, Samagaun among others depend on Tibetan market.

“The course remains open just for a month. On the off chance that we don’t bring fundamentals inside the length, we won’t have enough nourishment stocks to last consistently,” said Mingmar Lama, a neighborhood. Local people living in the upper ranges of Chumnubri Rural Municipality use as much as 80 percent of their aggregate year’s profit to buy the necessities in one month when the exchange course opens.

The Tibetan market is favored over the area central command because of less demanding access. While it takes around five to seven days by walking to achieve the area central station, the Tibetan market can be come to in only two days when Ngula Pass opens. That is the reason local people hurry to the Tibetan market conveying cash, ropes, bamboo wicker bin and transportation means, for example, stallions, donkeys and yaks.

Lama, who likewise runs an inn, stated, “Local people spend at any rate Rs 50,000 in acquiring sustenance things. Brokers and specialists buy sustenances and different necessities worth around a million rupees or more.”

As indicated by Dhan Bahadur Gurung, head of Chumnubri Rural Municipality, local people are constrained purchase nourishment things because of absence of arable grounds to deliver their own particular sustenances. The Chinese government opens its market for the general population of Nepal for a restricted period consistently in this district.

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