मकालु जहाज कर्णालीले बगायो, पाइलट बाँचे- भिडियो

A Makalu Air plane crashlanded in a river in Humla on Thursday afternoon leaving the pilot and co-pilot injured.

The single-engine aircraft with call sign 9NAKC was returning to Surkhet after transporting cargo to Simikot of Humla. There were just pilot Sange Lama and co-pilot Prashanta Shah in the plane. Four minutes after takeoff from Simikot, they noticed a problem in the engine and crashlanded the plane in the Helambu river.

The plane had landed in the river at 4:05 pm. The pilot and co-pilot had jumped into the river.

The pilot and co-pilot were airlifted to Nepalgunj by a Simrik Air helicopter. Both are safe, according to Santosh Adhikari, Air Traffic Controller at Nepalgunj airport.

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