कुकुरको टोकाईबाट २० जना सख्त घाइते, दृश्य क्यामरामा कैद (भिडियोसहित)

The center for disease control and prevention in Weng’an County treated 23 people, aged between eight and 75, who were attacked by the dog. Two people were left seriously injured and were sent to a local hospital.

“After receiving reports, we quickly arrived at the site to see the situation. During the process, the dog that was biting people appeared again. We got batons from the car at once. We reminded pedestrians to keep away from the ferocious dog while we were in pursuit of the dog,” said Kuang Yuejian, a police officer of the Weng’an Public Security Bureau.

Following a nearly hour-long chase, the dog was rounded up and killed by police. After running wild for two hours, the mad dog attacked over 20 local residents, with many suffering bite wounds to the face, legs, arms and back.

“In daily life, when we are bitten by dogs, no matter if it’s a mad dog or not, we should wash the bite wounds with clean water or soapy water at once. The second step is to have the bite wounds sterilized by professional prevention organizations. The third step is to inject a rabies vaccine or an anti-rabies serum in a medical or health center to prevent the onset of rabies,” said Zhang Chonghu, a doctor in the Weng’an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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