मध्यरातमा भारतिय सैनिक क्याम्प बन्यो रणभुमी, आतंककारीको हमलाले सैनिकको लास छरपस्ट (भिडियोसहित)

India- Indian Army soldiers take position outside Sunjwan Army camp in Jammu, India, Saturday, Feb.10, 2018. A group of militants in Indian Kashmir opened fire Saturday inside an army camp in the disputed region, police said. The attack began early in the morning and it was unclear how many gunmen were involved, (AP Photo/Channi Anand) India said the heavily armed attackers were members of the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) militant group, drawing criticism from Pakistan about rushing to judgment without a full inquiry.

“It is a well established pattern that Indian officials begin making irresponsible statements and levelling unfounded allegations, even before any proper investigation in any incident has been initiated,” Pakistan’s foreign ministry said in a statement.India, it said, was making these allegations to divert attention from its brutality in trying to control the armed revolt in Kashmir, and warned against any retaliatory measures across the Line of Control that divides Kashmir between the nuclear-armed countries.

“We hope that the international community would urge India to stop the untold atrocities and gross violations of human rights in IoK (Indian Occupied Kashmir) (and) refrain from any misadventure across the Line of Control…” it said.

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